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Patricia Kennealy-Morrison

Patricia Kennealy-Morrison

This post isn’t about a musician, but about a music journalist and very inspirational woman, Patricia Kennealy Morrison.

I was too young to know her early writings. She was editor of a magazine called Jazz & Pop in the 1960s. She also writes a ton of fiction books set in the 1960s. But my absolute favorite book of hers is “Strange Days” — an autobiography about her life with her late husband Jim Morrison.

Although I never met her, Patricia seems wonderful. She is very open to her fans, as she journals on Live Journal and has a Face Book page. She will converse with those who are intelligent contributors, but not those who seem obsessed with Jim. And I don’t blame her!

As you will see in her writings, Patricia has a great sense of humor.

Patricia also has a beautiful blog called “Mrs. Morrison’s Hotel” ( where she shares poetry Jim wrote her, as well as what she wrote for him.

By this time next week, June 24, it will be the 42nd anniversary of the day Jim Morrison wed Patricia Kennealy.

What a blessing for two gorgeous souls.

And how lucky for fans of both Jim and Patricia to be able to read her intimate reflections. It’s very generous of Kennealy to let us get a glimpse into her world.

I highly recommend her, she’s a great read!


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4 thoughts on “Patricia Kennealy-Morrison

  1. I was reading her for a while. Very interesting person and unique philosophy on life. She’ll be forever linked to Jim, but to me that’s not a bad thing.

  2. Aldric on said:

    my love i am here…
    somwhere in a forest with a death mother and and susan is with me.
    She remeber like i do its all so strange …

    she kill me if she see this …
    But we fight all the time

    lets dance panilli x

  3. krystine on said:

    The nerve of this woman using his name as if they were truly married. She was a home wrecker back then. She’s just trying to capitalize on his name, making more out of what reality really was.

    • There is no such thing as a “home wrecker.” It takes two to tango. Just because their beliefs aren’t yours, there is no need to talk trash. Just let people be as they are, it’s their business.

      Peace 🙂

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