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Patti Smith “Just Kids” — My Choice for Casting Call

Patti Smith and Robert Mapplethrope

Zooey Deschanel should be Patti!

Robert Pattinson should be Robert Mapplethorpe

I finally read Patti Smith’s award-winning book, “Just Kids” this weekend.

It was a fantastic read. Why I haven’t gotten around to it sooner beats me because I saw Patti Smith perform many times. She was one of the first concerts I saw. I saw her in the 1970s at Montclair State University in Montclair, NJ.

As for Mapplethorpe, I saw his collection of work at one of NYC’s museums about a year BEFORE he died and I became a fan.

So inspired by the book, I was pleased to see that they are making a movie about it — with my fingers crossed for authenticity!

I don’t think they chose the actors/actresses yet, but my choice for Patti Smith is Zooey Deschanel. I think she possesses the same edgy aura as Smith and although cool, can come across as unsure of herself and a little goofy.

Robert Pattinson can play definitely play Mapplethorpe. Not only has he proven to have major edge, but he has the looks for it.

Since Patti Smith has her hands in this one, I have more hope for this one than the CBGBs movie.


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3 thoughts on “Patti Smith “Just Kids” — My Choice for Casting Call

  1. Great book. Recently read she is working on her second memoir right now

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