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1976: Got My KISS Record Out!

The Album That Changed My Life — for about a few hours

Kiss was very significant in my life.

They were the first “cool” band I listened to. Destroyer was my first “real” album. Before that it was Sonny & Cher, Bay City Rollers, AM Gold hits on the radio and my mom and uncle’s Elvis, Tom Jones and Johnny Cash records. Mind you, all this stuff is considered cool today, but it wasn’t back in 1976, age 12.

Around this time, I beat up the school bully.

My grandmother always taught me, it doesn’t matter if you win or lose a fight, just get one good punch in, show them you’re not scared.

So, here I was 12-years-old, and the school hero for beating up a bully. All of a sudden I was mad popular, after being the shy skinny pimple kid with glasses that no one would talk to because they gave up on me because I was too shy to talk to them. Fair is fair and it never bothered me much that I didn’t have friends. I was a loner.

But now that I had friends, I decided to throw a party in my grandmother’s basement and invite all my new friends.

I was suddenly too cool for my own classmates – the 7th graders. Instead, I invited all the 8th graders.

But the 7th graders were begging me to invite them too, so I invited the ones who begged the hardest.

That night, the kids all started pouring in. Twelve- and 13-year-olds brought beer and other alcoholic beverages.

A lot of the boys were still short and it was hilarious seeing mismatched short, skinny boys with girls who were overdeveloped for their age.

I only had my one Kiss album, “Destroyer,” and that’s all we listened to all night, over and over.

Pre-teen and teen-aged kids got drunk, cried and made out like crazy.

I only had a few sips of beer … to fit in. (I didn’t get drunk. I didn’t cry. Nor did I “make out like crazy.”)

Nobody fought or wrecked anything. I considered the party a success.

When “Beth” played, the cutest boy in the school sang to me, replacing my name, “Maryanne” every time Peter Criss sang, “Beth.”

“Maryanne, what can I do?”

It was the first time a boy ever sang to me. But when it came time to kiss him, I was afraid. So I lost out.

Monday morning all the kids said to me, “Great party!”

Sadly, my mother found out about the beer. I got in trouble, and felt resentful of my new friends.

I started drifting away from them and slumped back into my loner stage.

But I continued to buy Kiss records. And also moved on to Queen and Aerosmith.

Cass Elliot, Sept. 19, 1941 to July 29, 1974

Cass Elliot

Dream a Little Dream of Me

On this day in 1974, we lost the legendary Cass Elliot, who sang with The Mamas and The Papas and also had a solo career.

What a dreamy voice! “Dream a Little Dream of Me” is my top favorite, but if you go through her music collection, there are a ton of good ones!

Ben Keller – Jealous Girl

Here’s the new video by Ben Kweller — “Jealous Girl.”

I’m sure many of us can relate to this — either having a friendship ruined by a jealous person; or at one time or another having been involved with a jealous person (and those of us who were smart RAN!)

This video is well done and can be interpreted in many ways — which makes it genius!

And I’m so happy Ben makes a cameo appearance — he’s such a cutie!

Happy Birthday Roger Taylor!

Tenement Funster


Roger Taylor was definitely the “cool one” in one of my favorite bands — Queen.

He wrote killer songs. He was off the hook on drums. And he had an amazing voice, doing a lot of the “screams” on earlier albums and could sing really fast too. Check out “Modern Times Rock ‘n’ Roll” on the first Queen album.

And he was absolutely beautiful. And still is. He’s one of the hottest older rockers around, in my opinion.

I had the opportunity to see Roger Taylor perform twice in concert. Once with the original Queen line-up in 1982, and again in 2005 when the remaining Queen members, Roger Taylor and Brian May performed again with Paul Rogers singing lead vocals.

It’s always a thrill when the lights dim and Roger Taylor showcases doing his song, “I’m In Love With My Car” and goes into his roaring drum solo.

He is certainly a legend!

Got Dick?

DICK DALE, at Surf Club, Point Pleasant, New Jersey

Bad ass, legendary DICK DALE!

Left to right, drummer, son, Jimmy Dale; Dick Dale and bassist, Sam Bolle (from Agent Orange!)

Left to right, my husband Dennis; me; and our super cool buddy, Ron!

Me, hanging on the beach after the show

It’s great to have Dick back!

My husband and I always loved to go see him perform every summer at the Surf Club. (The Surf Club is terrific because the back is gutted and you can go right on the beach from the club!)

Unfortunately Dick stopped playing for awhile because of his struggles with cancer.

Last night Dick appeared to be in good health again. I was thrilled to score a spot right up front. My husband took a ton of photos and the video — check out the face he makes at the end, it’s hilarious!

Dick played a great set and did some covers by Johnny Cash and Bo Diddley and Dick’s own famous songs, “Misirlou” and “Pipeline” (interesting, I have a version of this on a 45 rpm by Agent Orange and Dick’s bassist is from Agent Orange).

I commented, “He plays that guitar like he’s sawing wood!” He had some amazing tricks up his sleeve and it’s a show not to be missed!

After the show Dick hung around to see memorabilia and talk to fans. He was even signing guitars for fans!

As he left the club with his wife, he gave the Hawaiian love sign hand signal to my husband and I as we said, “Goodnight” to him.

Dick Dale is the coolest!

For more information, his website is:

Happy Birthday Mick Karn – RIP


My favorite bassist of all time. And “Sensitive” is one of my favorite songs.

Happy Birthday, David Essex! Rock On!

Rock On

Happy Birthday to 1970s Hearthrob, Bobby Sherman!

Here are my two favorites to enjoy:

Easy Come, Easy Go

Little Woman


Happy Birthday Cat Stevens!

Cat Stevens

Peace Train

Music Passion: “Songbird” by Fleetwood Mac

I always loved this song, written by Fleetwood Mac songstress, Christine McVie.

It makes me think of the morning doves that coo in the morning

And my cat, Derick, who imitates their coo

The gentle baby birds that are newborn in spring

The way birds gather together and fly to settle in for the night

And I wait to hear their song again

The next morning

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