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Happy Birthday Paul Cook

Silly Thing, one of my favorite songs by Paul Cook & Steve Jones:

Silly Thing

Paul Cook is most famous for being a drummer for the Sex Pistols. But he’s been in other great bands too, The Professionals, Chequered Past and the Neurotic Outsiders — all good stuff! Anything the Paul Cook/Steve Jones team has done together is amazing.

Around 1980, I had the opportunity to meet Paul Cook. Well, it wasn’t exactly an “opportunity” — it’s just something that happened. As I mentioned many times before, in the “olden” days, all-ages shows were non-existent. I had followed The Professionals all over NYC when I was 17, going to see so many shows that their bassist recognized me and waved to me from the stage, as I always had a spot right in the front of the stage.. But I couldn’t get into any New Jersey nightclubs because the drinking age was 18 and New Jersey was a lot more strict than NYC (at least back in those days).

So, when they performed at Hitsville, in Passaic, New Jersey, I got the bright idea that if I couldn’t see The Professionals, I would MEET THE PROFESSIONALS!

My sister and I waited outside the back door of Hitsville. She was 14.

We somehow became friends with two of the doormen who worked there. As a station wagon pulled up into the Hitsville parking lot, the doorman said to me, “Maryanne, I’d follow that station wagon if I were you.”

Sure enough, I saw Paul Cook’s animated face looking out the window — and I was thrilled! I was about to meet two of the Sex Pistols!

The entire band was very nice to me and my little sister. And they were so funny.

When I was looking in my purse for a pen for the autographs, I found mascara that said “Professional” on it. I showed it to Steve Jones and he was joking around, trying to write with the mascara.

They signed my Professionals single and Steve Jones even tried to get his manager to get us into the show (but the manager ignored him, which was probably smart because we were underage).

The Professionals hung out with us for some time before they went in to do their show. Very cool guys, indeed! I give any musicians a ton of credit who could be so respectful to teenage girls.

Happy Birthday, Paul Cook — a Sex Pistol who once made two teenage girls very happy!


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2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Paul Cook

  1. I always thought Paul Simonen of The Clash was in The Professionals, but sadly, must have been wishful thinking ha. Very cool story…

    • No, the Professionals line-up was excellent as it was! You can’t change perfection! They are one of my favorite groups ever. Must have seen them close to 10x.

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