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Got Dick?

DICK DALE, at Surf Club, Point Pleasant, New Jersey

Bad ass, legendary DICK DALE!

Left to right, drummer, son, Jimmy Dale; Dick Dale and bassist, Sam Bolle (from Agent Orange!)

Left to right, my husband Dennis; me; and our super cool buddy, Ron!

Me, hanging on the beach after the show

It’s great to have Dick back!

My husband and I always loved to go see him perform every summer at the Surf Club. (The Surf Club is terrific because the back is gutted and you can go right on the beach from the club!)

Unfortunately Dick stopped playing for awhile because of his struggles with cancer.

Last night Dick appeared to be in good health again. I was thrilled to score a spot right up front. My husband took a ton of photos and the video — check out the face he makes at the end, it’s hilarious!

Dick played a great set and did some covers by Johnny Cash and Bo Diddley and Dick’s own famous songs, “Misirlou” and “Pipeline” (interesting, I have a version of this on a 45 rpm by Agent Orange and Dick’s bassist is from Agent Orange).

I commented, “He plays that guitar like he’s sawing wood!” He had some amazing tricks up his sleeve and it’s a show not to be missed!

After the show Dick hung around to see memorabilia and talk to fans. He was even signing guitars for fans!

As he left the club with his wife, he gave the Hawaiian love sign hand signal to my husband and I as we said, “Goodnight” to him.

Dick Dale is the coolest!

For more information, his website is:


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10 thoughts on “Got Dick?

  1. Gina S on said:

    Wow! Sounds like you had a blast. What a fun summer night! You can email me the photo if you like….I’d love to see it!

  2. Gina, I was able to put it on You Tube and get it into the blog that way, you can refresh your page now and see it. Watch the face he makes at the end, it’s hilarious!

  3. He did the Pulp Fiction dance gesture! That man is so cool. Please tell me that GOT DICK! shirts are available somewhere ha. What a great show you guys must have seen. Awesome pics too…

    • The shirts actually said, “I’m a Dick Head.” For a mere *cough, cough* 40 bucks 🙂

      • whoa! that’s a lot of shells for a shirt… same price as we paid for a Springsteen one (which was one of cheapest plain whites)

      • Sign of the times, I guess, right? I remember when t-shirts at concerts were $12 — and they fit too. Now everything is super-sized, yet tight around the neck. I always end up cutting them, so I don’t even bother.

        But, yeah, “Got Dick” t-shirts would be awesome!

      • sizing probably coinciding with making them overseas as they never can seem to get the grasp on the average size of North Ameicans

  4. darrellanddarlenehertel on said:

    Dick call us. Going to Hawaii wanted to know where u are r u at the boat? Call or email us were in Florida. I left a message on your phone..hugs

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