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I always love on the A&E show “Actor’s Studio” when the question about the favorite curse word comes up.

Mine is “fuck” without a doubt!

Although I’ve been making a very conscious effort in my later years to be more lady-like and not say it.

But, for old fuck’s sake, I’d like to dedicate this edition of Maryanne’s Jukebox to that cool word!

Looking back, one of the best times I ever had cursing was with my Mom.

One gorgeous summer day, we had lunch together and afterwards decided to go for an automobile ride. It was so pleasant outside, the sun was out, trees were in bloom … I was in a great mood and suddenly got the urge to sing, “Old McDonald.”

Without missing a beat, my mom casually changed the words to “Old Mc Fuck-Face.”

She was always one of the people who could say “fuck” like she was saying “bread.” It was always just a word. Whenever we played Scrabble together, we had no qualms about putting tiles spelling “fuck” on the board.

So, we’re riding around, on a summer day, with the windows open, singing together, “Old McFuck Face had a farm, e-i-e-i-o … with a fuck-fuck here and a fuck-fuck there, here a fuck, there a fuck, everywhere a fuck-fuck … old Mc Fuck-Face had a farm, e-i-e-i-o…….”

“There was a lot of fucking going on, on that farm!” Mom said.

It was all in good fun … fucking good fun!

And here are some of my favorite songs that made damn good use of the word “fuck.”

Enjoy … or go fuck yourself 🙂

Cee-Lo Green

Dead Kennedys

Nouvelle Vague

Sex Pistols

Wayne County & The Electric Chairs

Alanis Morissette

The Who

The Pretenders

Not quite “fuck” but “motherfucker” should count for something (and it is THE DARKNESS — yeah!):

The Darkness

And, last but not least, some savage seduction from:



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6 thoughts on “FUCK

  1. Holy fuck this was an awesome post. Love all the tunes. Here is one of my fave usages of the word by Canada’s own April Wine

  2. Gina S on said:

    Fucking love this post and love all the fucking songs. Thanks a fucking lot!

  3. this is so totally hilarious! I love it.
    My new fav song with the F word in it is Little lion man by mumford and sons. It sounds so eloquent and remorseful when he sings I really fucked it up this time.

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