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The Nuns

The Nuns

I once had the honor of being a part of  The Nuns theatrical gothic stage show when they performed in NYC, Halloween 2002.

The way I got the gig was because I interviewed original Nuns member Mistress Jennifer (Jennifer Anderson) for my goth column that ran in the Aquarian Arts Weekly back in 2002.

Mistress Jennifer invited me to perform onstage with her band for their big Halloween show.

“If you dare,” she said.

I was no stranger to the stage, as I did theatrical work for Pharoah back in the 1980s. I’ve also done spoken word art throughout NYC and NJ. And I was in an off Broadway production of a play I co-wrote with a few other writers. So of course I said, “Yes!”

I didn’t get paid for my performance with The Nuns, I just did it for the experience. The Nuns dated back to the 1970s, and the original line-up, which included Jennifer, warmed up for The Sex Pistols. So it was a thrill to share the stage with them. I danced on stage with legends!

Mistress Jennifer and Mistress Kris were the show stoppers of the group, the S&M Queens of the Night. And they were wonderful to work with. I enjoyed their music and thanks to them, had one of the best Halloween’s in my life.

Mistress Kris was so cool from the get-go. She told me right away, “You’re gorgeous” and kinda took me under her wing, giving me cues as to when to walk on and off stage. I adored her and I’m so glad I have the experience video taped, as well as a ton of pictures of us together!

After the show Mistress Jennifer thanked me for being part of the act and said I did great.

Then, shockingly, just a few years later, both women I shared the stage with died tragically.

In 2007 Mistress Kris was murdered in a Times Square Hotel. She was only in her late 20s.

After Kris’s death, I was emailing Jennifer quite a bit. She shared a lot about Kris and her life. Jennifer was living in Hollywood at this time. She had a very romantic soul and it was wonderful to talk to her so much via emails. She was very positive.

Then, another shocker came.

Mistress Jennifer died of complications from cancer complications in 2011.

The news of both deaths really shook me up. It’s just awful how life takes you by surprise like that. You just never know.

Here is a link to a photo from the night of the performance (Mistress Kris (left) and me (right):

Note: Photo was taken by Ed O’Brien

And here is a song by The Nuns:

White Slave

RIP, Mistress Jennifer and Mistress Kris; may their beautiful souls rest in peace.


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  1. Thanks for posting. This was great.

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