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Happy Birthday to Rick Springfield

Rick Springfield was a rock ‘n’ roll heartthrob in the 1970s and had a hit called “Speak to the Sky.”

And he dated Linda Blair.

I wasn’t aware of him until the 1980s. And don’t remember what came first, his hit “Jessie’s Girl” or his role as Dr. Noah Drake on General Hospital. Like a million other girls, I thought he was a real cutie.

Of course he was considered a joke to all the “cool” kids. Regardless, I brought his records and watched General Hospital. His music was catchy and he was a great actor.

Then came the day I had the opportunity to see him perform live. The punch line was that this amazing band, Sparks, was his warm-up act! That was probably the most bizarre contrast in musical history since Jimi Hendrix warmed up for The Monkees!

Sparks was the band I really wanted to see, but how could I resist staying to see Rick?!

When I got to the show, it was obvious who the Rick fans were and who the Sparks fans were.

No stranger to going from one extreme to another, I was a fan of both acts — and stayed for both shows, unlike the Sparks fans who fled out of the arena faster than a greased rat’s ass. God forbid anyone should see them sticking around for ‘ole Rick!

And it was a great show.

Now, like 30 years later, every time I hear “Jessie’s Girl” on the radio, I still think: this man was on the same bill as Sparks! and shake my head, laughing.

Rick was recently on an episode of “Hot in Cleveland” playing a Rick Springfield impersonator who got hot women “of a certain age” by telling them he was Rick Springfield. Classic! If you get a chance to catch the episode, I highly recommend it. You’ll laugh your ass off.

Now enjoy a video of Rick in all his glory:

I’ve Done Everything For You

And, for good measure, his “warm-up” act, Sparks (featuring Ron and Russell Mael, the anti-Ricks!)

Sparks on Saturday Night Live doing Mickey Mouse





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4 thoughts on “Happy Birthday to Rick Springfield

  1. Jessies Girl was first I heard of him and I still like the song. I got that album in my first batch of Columbia House Records ha…

  2. I had forgotten about this Rick Springfield song. He was here in our area a few months ago.
    Oh – SPARKS! What a very fun interesting group. I love how the guitar player was cracking up during the “What is a Mouse” monologue.
    Also -really digging that green glittery suit!

  3. Happy Birthday Rick Springfield! He’s still a cutie and still sounds great. He makes an occasional appearance on General Hospital now and then, too!

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