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Happy Birthday Diamanda Galas!

Rare smiling photo I found surfing the web

How thrilled am I with the work of Diamanda Galas? Let me count the ways … I think going to see someone perform at least five times over the years, owning several CDs, and interviewing them for your gothic column definitely says you’re beyond thrilled.

Some of the venues I’ve seen her perform at include Carnegie Hall and Joe’s Pub. And each performance was not only extraordinary but very different from the last — from her hair and clothing to her demeanor.

Diamanda is definitely a woman of substance on many levels. As dynamic, mesmerizing, powerful and intimidating as she is onstage, she’s as equally down to earth backstage. She’s very nice, girly and full of smiles.

I am so honored to have met her after interviewing her for my goth column. And even more honored that she complimented me on this lovely pair of burgundy platform pumps that I wore a lot back in the early ’00s.

If you can find the out of print Research: Angry Women magazine/book, I highly recommend it for the best in-depth interview with Diamanda.

I think the Diamanda song that speaks to me the most is Iron Lady, a tribute to the late serial murderer Aileen Wurornos who claims she killed in self defense.

Here is the chilling song:


Another one that will send chills up your spine is her version of “My World Is Empty Without You.”

To me, this is how the song should be done, illustrating the true meaning of a world being empty and lonely after losing love. This song can bring tears to the eyes.

My World Is Empty Without You

Extraordinary, soulful beauty … we are so blessed to have Diamanda Galas in our musical world.

Thank you, Diamanda, for all your exquisite talent you’ve shared with us throughout the decades!


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