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New Redd Kross Album!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


One of my favorite bands ever is Redd Kross.

I first heard of them around 1987 and followed them quite a bit. They were a great band to see live because they dressed like the 1960s version of Cher and did super cool cover songs — and let’s face it, the McDonald brothers are easy on the eye.


One time I saw them somewhere in NYC (I forgot the place, I’d have to look it up in my paper diaries) and they were so ON that night. It was the best show ever, but it was summer and I was dehydrated. I spent most of the night in the bathroom with dizzy spells, in fear I was going to pass out.

It was during this time they did something ultra spectacular — performed “I Don’t Know How To Love Him” from Jesus Christ Superstar. And it sounded off the hook amazing.

It could have been the most euphoric live show for me, but I was sick in the bathroom saying, “fuck, this sucks” because a normally healthy me felt horrible.

Another time I got to meet the lead singer Jeff backstage at a Hoboken show. He was cool, and took the time to meet and take photos with all the fans. And that same night I met the bassist from D-Generation, Howie Pyro, therefore discovering another great band to follow.

My favorite Redd Kross album ever was “Finding of the Third Eye” produced by Debbie Gibson. I think my all-time favorite Redd Kross song is “Annie’s Gone” but there are so many great ones, it’s really hard to say.

Other favorites include: “Kiss in the Wind”; “Bubblegum Factory” and “Love is You.”

Interesting, that just the other night I was turning my husband on to their music, playing several CDs for him and telling him what I thought about each one, which songs were my favorites, etc. (What brought this on was me remembering the Zira song, as we had just got the boxed Planet of the Apes set and had been watching the monkey movies for the past week or so. I was like, “Awww, you gotta hear this song for Zira!”)

ANYWAY, even though the new album was released a month ago, I found out about it two days ago and had the honor to review it for Kevchino Music Reviews. Here is my review of Redd Kross’s Researching the Blues:;

And here is a video of my favorite song from the new album:

Stay Away From Downtown

I have the opportunity to interview Redd Kross too. I have a lot on my plate, but we shall see … it’s tempting!


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3 thoughts on “New Redd Kross Album!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. Heard of them, not really familiar with their music tho. But I really like this song Stay away from Down town… Was this what you were thinking when you got into Chicago/ lol….

    I also first thought of White Cross when I first saw your post – I can’t always keep all these bands straight. 🙂

    • It wasn’t Chicago, it was the airline delays that made me crazy! Chicago was pretty cool. I met so many nice people and I had the best waiter in the world 🙂

      Redd Kross were in a lot of bands, but not White Cross (that was a Christian rock band). You may be thinking of White Flag (the two guys in Redd Kross teamed with Pat Smear from White Flag back in the day). And to make it more confusing Redd Kross once warmed up for Black Flag. We Redd Kross fans need a “Redd Kross for Dummies” book! LOL! ;P

  2. I had sent you the listening link for it when it came out…

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