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Our New Jersey Shore Will Make a Come Back!

Me on the beach in Spring Lake

Love and prayers to all who have been hurt by Hurricane Sandy.

Enjoy New Jersey’s come-back anthem:



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3 thoughts on “Our New Jersey Shore Will Make a Come Back!

  1. jerseyshorestories on said:

    Great post! I love all the pics you’ve gathered! I’m sure you have some shore stories of your own and I’d be honored if you chose to share them at

    The shore has become a home, a second home,and a home away from home for millions and the memories occupy a special place in all of our hearts. While structures come and go, tides change, and summer friends move away, reminiscing of seasons past keep the shore a vibrant place with its own cultural mythology. I want to capture those memories at

    please, share your story!

    • That’s a great website! I do have many stories, but the best story of all is that when I first met my husband we both expressed our love for Jersey shore. We started dating in November and went to the shore every Sunday during off season. The Jersey shore was the back drop to us falling in love 🙂

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