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My Favorite Love Songs


In honor of my first year anniversary with my husband, I’ve selected some of my favorite love songs of all time that remind me of us. (There are so many to choose from, but these were the ones that popped into my head!)




Beatles – Something

Paul McCartney & Wings – My Love

ELVIS – The Wonder of You

ELVIS – Can’t Help Falling in Love

Sonny & Cher – All I Ever Need is You

Tom Jones – TILL

Me and the beautiful person I married!


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6 thoughts on “My Favorite Love Songs

  1. Reblogged this on Lucky Leo and commented:

    From my “Maryanne’s Jukebox” blog, in honor of my special day!

  2. Can never have too much of The King! Sweet

  3. Something is one of the best songs ever.

    • I agree! George Harrison wrote it for Patti Boyd (who is in the video). I think it was my first anniversary of dating Dennis when he showed me that video. I loved it so much. All the Beatles girls are so beautiful in their own way, but I favor Patti.

  4. Gina S. on said:

    I agree with Andrew…”Something” is one of the best songs ever! All the other selections are great too. I love the picture of you guys!!!

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