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Walk Right In …

Walk right in, sit right down

The night of Hurricane Sandy, my husband and I had on the AM transistor radio and this annoying song from the 1960s came on. I don’t get it, and I’m not sure if I like it or not either. It stuck in my head for days. Now maybe it can stick in your head too. Ha. Ha.

What do you think?

Walk Right In


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13 thoughts on “Walk Right In …

  1. I remember this tune. My dad was into folk – Limeliters, KIngston Trio, Brothers 4 – walk, right in, sit right down baby let your hair hang down? Were they wearing short skirts? Ha!

  2. I remember this song as well. I like it but I also wonder what they are singing about…sounds like some underlying drug deal going on! LOL!

  3. Todd, you are too funny. Wouldn’t you have liked that photo better if they had no shoes on?????????

    Maryanne-thanks, I try. : )

  4. Cool song! Where do you find this stuff? I’m sure Todd already knows it! Ha, ha!

    • I Googled “Bare Feet” a few years ago when I had the Jukebox page on Face Book and we were joking with Todd. I think you left Face Book before you got to see the jokes and video 🙂

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