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Christmas Bride

Last year I got married a little over a month before Christmas, to the love of my life! And I just heard this song, “Christmas Bride” by Ray Conniff,  for the very first time, this Christmas season.

It’s the most beautiful song and even though sometimes Christmas spirits wear off way too soon (not to mention those that won’t even say “Merry Christmas” because it’s not their holiday!)  I can listen to this song and know, in my heart, that someone special loves me and adores me, and always has Christmas in his heart ❤


Our Wedding Photo, we married, 11/9/11 (Photo by Darlene Foster)


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2 thoughts on “Christmas Bride

  1. Nice song – and pic. Ray Conniff is one of my mom’s old faves. I remember browsing through her LPs as a wee lad and seeing Ray, Billy Butterfield and Pete Fountain. Mixed in with my dad’s Ventures, Duane Eddy and Brothers Four.

  2. That’s great, a lot of diversity!

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