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O Holy Night

Oh Holy Night

I remember the first time I heard O Holy Night as a little girl, on the Sonny & Cher Christmas special and it became one of my favorite Christmas songs. (And there are oh so many!)

I always love the dramatic “FALL ON YOUR KNEES” climax — I get such chills and tears fall from my eyes; a feeling shared with millions, I’m sure.

Here is Cher’s version:


And here are some other amazing versions of the song:

Lou Christie

Transiberian Orchestra

Mahalia Jackson

Johnny Mathis

Brian Setzer Orchestra


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4 thoughts on “O Holy Night

  1. Great song! This one always makes me cry and I can only listen to it when I feel strong and happy or else I’ll be balling like a baby!

  2. Yep, me too! Speaking of bawling like a baby, did you see the Teddy Bear song I posted on my main blog?

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