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DOUBLE BIRTHDAY: Happy Birthday to Elvis and Bowie!

ElvisElvis Presley

Today we celebrate the birth dates of two legends, Elvis Presley and David Bowie. And I have a story to share about both!

In 1979, two years after the death of Elvis Presley, my Mother took me, my Grandmother and sister Kim to Graceland. At the time fans weren’t permitted to go into the house, but we all stood at the gates and even got to meet Elvis’s uncle, Vester Presley and have our photos taken with him.  I was 15 at the time and it was a gorgeous day outside. In the area we ate at a place that had a jukebox with nothing but Elvis music.

Elvis was always a bit hit in every home I lived in; first with my family; then living on my own I always threw on an Elvis record; and now with my husband, we love Elvis so much we often go see Elvis impersonators. Of all we’ve ever seen, I’d have to say my favorites were: Shawn Kush, Tony Grova and Mike Moat. And there are yet so many more to see!

I know a lot of people think the early Elvis is cooler, but I prefer the Las Vegas Elvis 🙂

Here are some of my favorite songs by the King:


True Love Travels on a Gravel Road

Early Morning Rain

My Boy

I’ll Remember You

The Wonder of You

Let it Be Me

Elvis 2

Elvis Presley

THANK YOU, Elvis, for all the beautiful music

and the sweet memories you made in my life,

and the life of my loved ones!


And now, David Bowie!

David BowieDavid Bowie

The first time I heard of David Bowie I was probably 12 years old. I always saw his pictures in rock magazines and thought he was strange with the bizarre bright red mullet he had. Then he grew on me and I started to love his music.

I had the honor of seeing David Bowie, 10th row at Madison Square Garden in 1984 for his Serious Moonlight Tour. I was one of the lucky fans who got a moon balloon. I still have the balloon in a suitcase filled of rock memorabilia, which includes set lists and guitar picks from musicians I saw over the years.

One night I went to see Iggy Pop at the Ritz. I was going upstairs and all of a sudden a bouncer screamed out, “EVERYONE MOVE TO THE LEFT!!!!!!!” I moved to the left and thought someone was hurt. But no, the bouncer was just making way for the legendary David Bowie to pass. I was close enough to see his two different colored eyes.

Like Elvis, I have so many favorite Bowie songs that it’s hard to choose just one, but let’s just say Starman is pretty “up there!”



Little Drummer Boy, with Bing Crosby



Ashes to Ashes

And when he still went under the name, Davie Jones (but later changed it not to be confused with Davy Jones of the Monkees)

Liza Jane

Thank you, David Bowie for adding a sublime soundtrack to my late teens and early 20s!


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19 thoughts on “DOUBLE BIRTHDAY: Happy Birthday to Elvis and Bowie!

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  2. Elvis sang The Wonder of You eleven years after Ray Peterson had recorded his version and made it an even bigger hit, taking it to No.1 on the Easy Listening chart.

    Wikipedia says this about Elvis asking Ray Peterson permission to record the song:

    Peterson himself relates a telling tale: “He [Elvis] asked me if I would mind if he recorded ‘The Wonder of You.’ I said, ‘You don’t have to ask permission; you’re Elvis Presley.’ He said, ‘Yes, I do. You’re Ray Peterson.'”[2

    • Aww, Elvis was always so humble!

    • Wonder of you is a lovely track.
      I happen to be a bigger fan of his grown-up years – from “From Elvis in Memphis” and up to his last recording “Moody Blues” (not counting all his post-albums) That was when he got grace – and the albums from this years still sounds as great today as they did back in 70s

      • Yes, I totally agree with you. The later songs have so much depth, sometimes too emotional to bear without shedding a tear. His voice was just breath-taking! Moody Blue was terrific. My uncle had it on blue vinyl.

      • Elvis is best on vinyl. Collecting his 70s recordings on the black circles. Sounds so good!

      • Hell yeah, everything is better on vinyl! I can’t imagine how people can listen to music on computers and i-phones/i-pads — it’s so homogenized.

      • (choughs)…i listen to it all…

        But hey! Vinyl is what sticks closest to my heart… I love the warmth and the snaps, crackles and pops…Organic sounds for organic people!

      • Me too, any music is better than no music, but vinyl is dearest to my heart — the other day I wrote a blog about hearing “The Mouse” by Soupy Sales in my sleep. I heard the entire 45, with the snaps and all!

  3. Sadly Ray Peterson died at the age of 65 of cancer leaving behind his widow, four sons and three daughters in 2005.

  4. Jim Kendall on said:

    Reblogged this on Reblog Junk Drawer.

  5. Gina S. on said:

    What a great story about both musical legends. I love them both.

    Elvis’ voice is so amazing….like velvet. I can’t think of a time when I did not love him. On a side note, I never realized he dyed his hair black. I wonder what he looked like as the original blond?

    I adore David Bowie and have as a young girl. He appealed to me instantly. I guess his “different” looks struck a chord in me since I always felt like an outsider looking in. I have an import vinyl with him singing “Heroes” in german! It’s one of my prized possessions amongst all my vinyl.

    I love your stories about each of them. I think I would have passed out if David Bowie walked by me that closely! LOL!

    Happy Birthday to both and thanks for giving us some unbelievable music!

    • Yeah, seems Elvis had a thing for black hair. He made Priscilla dye her hair. Heard that he dated Tura Santana and wanted Priscilla to emulate her, hair/make-up/etc … but that was according to Tura Santana (who said Elvis proposed to her) so who knows for sure. Cassandra Peterson aka Elvira dated him too and she went on and on about how nice he was.

  6. Happy Birthday to The King and Bowie – two of the very best 🙂

  7. Charlotte on said:

    My boy, My boy

  8. I had to share this post with my mommy. She love, love, love, love, loves David Bowie. A little piece of Christmas was missing for her this year because she didn’t hear the Bowie/Crosby duet, her very favorite Christmas song, two beautiful voices sharing a lovely message. Thank you for making her Christmas complete.
    She says her favorite Elvis is “Comeback Elvis”–the concert he did where he was wearing the black leather outfit and performing on that little stage that was surrounded by the audience. On her list of things to do is a tour of Graceland followed by a visit to Bill Clinton’s presidential library. How’s that for eclectic?

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