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Charlie-Askew-Rocket-Man-American-Idol-12-Top-40-Sudden-Death-01-2013-02-21Charlie Askew – American Idol contestant

I didn’t expect to pick a favorite so early in the American Idol game this season, but from day one, I fell in love with Charlie Askew.

He has a sweet, unique voice. He’s adorable as all hell. And I just love his stage presence and style. And from all the comments on You Tube, it seems he’s already stole America’s hearts!

Check him out, doing Elton John’s “Rocket Man”:


My favorite Charlie Askew quote is “I glorify weirdness.”

On a side note, I wasn’t going to watch the show this year. In the beginning I did not like the bickering between Nicki Minaj and Mariah Carey, but that has subsided, thank you Jesus!

I never even heard of Nicki Minaj before this show and she really turned me off because she just seemed mean. But now, watching the show, she grew…

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