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The Lord’s Prayer — 1970s Billboard Hit

Sister Janet MeadSister Janet Mead

Here’s another 1970s hit, “The Lord’s Prayer” which was actually sung by a singing nun named Sister Janet Mead.

I’ll never forget when this song first came out. I was a little kid and my little sister’s hamster just died. When this song came on the radio, she sang, “My hamster who walks in heaven.” Too cute!

ENJOY (I love the footage where she’s actually singing with her band. Too cool!)

The Lord’s Prayer

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5 thoughts on “The Lord’s Prayer — 1970s Billboard Hit

  1. Lol! I had forgotten about that song until you brought it up! Sorry about your hamster! 😦

    • LOL! Yeah, my husband didn’t remember it either. He was thinking of the other one: “Dominic-da-nique-da-nique” 🙂 🙂 🙂

      • Listening to Eres Tu right now. Didn’t think I knew it but I remember that one now. Tnx for dredging the memory bank! It was fun. Do you remember Chevy Van and Never Been to Spain? Two of my favs!

      • Yes, I remember those two songs. I have Chevy Van on a few of my 1970s CDs. That song is awesome in that it creates such a visual. Not many songs could do that.

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