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Happy Birthday to the Late Johnny Cash!

Johnny Cash

Happy Birthday to the late Johnny Cash!

Unfortunately I don’t have a Johnny Cash story to share, as I never got to see him perform live. But he was a pretty big hit in our home, growing up.

One time I did get to DJ at the Knitting Factory in NYC after his death for a Johnny Cash diabetes benefit. Whenever I deejayed I always threw some Johnny Cash in the mix (although one uptight goth rocker didn’t dig it and I got flack for it — screw him, ha-ha, how could you not love JOHNNY CASH?!)

Here are a few amazing tunes from the legendary JOHNNY CASH!

It Ain’t Me Babe

One Piece at a Time

Folson Prison Blues


And Johnny Cash’s impersonation of Elvis! (Perhaps the first Elvis impersonator ever? This is hysterical!)

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26 thoughts on “Happy Birthday to the Late Johnny Cash!

  1. My human mommy has a Johnny Cash story for you. Shortly after his death, my humans were visiting Rose Hall Plantation in Jamaica. The tour guide started talking about Johnny Cash and what a significant figure he was to the people of Montego Bay, where he had a vacation home. Then the lady started crying and said that if it had not been for Johnny Cash, she would not have had an education. Turns out he had contributed significantly to a number of causes in the area and was quite a hero to the local people, who were very, very sad about his death. A man at the plantation was playing the guitar and singing some of Johnny Cash’s songs. His voice told such a story of loss and pain. My humans had always appreciated Johnny Cash’s music, but that trip really made them appreciate Johnny Cash as a caring and giving person.

  2. Saw Johnny Cash in Hawaii between 1963-1965 and will never forget him slurring his words that night. June Carter was on stage that night and eventually married him. Johnny Cash may not have had the greatest singing voice, but knew how to sing with emotion and how to connect with an audience. I didn’t know till today, that I had his first Sun Record album, but sold it at a garage sale for 25 cents. It is now being sold on Amazon for $174. I personally liked the songs on this album as much as any album he later recorded.

    The album Johnny Cash: With His Hot and Blue Guitar was released in 1957 and included:

    I WAS THERE WHEN IT HAPPENED – This song is about being there when Jesus saved him.

    The sample music can be heard at Amazon if anyone is interested:

    • Wow, that’s so cool you saw him in his heyday! I had a feeling you might have seen him perform. You saw all the greats!

      • It wasn’t Johnny Cash at his best that night, but it still was a good show. June Carter was the best thing that ever happened to him.

      • Aww, I know, I love them together. She was a little firecracker 🙂

      • June was a firecracker alright. She often took her shoes off when on stage. Marshall Grant one of the band members for Johnny Cash had this to say about his singing at

        “He was a decent singer, not a great one,” wrote Marshall Grant, in his 2006 autobiography, I Was There When it Happened: My Life with Johnny Cash. “But there was power and presence in his voice.”

      • Ha-ha, that’s so cute!

        I do like Johnny’s voice, it was certainly powerful and “cool.” He also picked great songs, they all told amusing stories. He was just an all around class act.

      • June Carter died in May of 2003 and Johnny Cash finished recording his last album a week before he died in September of 2003. Johnny had a myriad of health problems including surgery needed to correct years of amphetamines use, heart surgery, Shy Drager syndrome, but he died from diabetes complications.

        Johnny Cash left a rich legacy of music behind.

      • Yes, I remember them dying the same year. Then I had the Diabetes Foundation benefit in honor of Johnny Cash to DJ at. Thanks for all these tidbits, I’m sure the Johnny Cash lovers will appreciate reading them.

      • Thanks for DJ’ing for the Diabetes Foundation. My wife Rhonda found out she had diabetes after having her large intestines removed in March of 2010.

        Was surprised that Johnny Cash covered a song recorded by Nine Inch Nails.

      • Yes, my grandmother had diabetes too. It’s a very common disease, sad to say. Please take care of Rhonda.

        It’s interesting how Johnny Cash covered songs by modern artists and made them his own. That’s why I love him. Other artists, like Tom Jones, cover other people’s songs but you still want to hear “Delilah.” But with Cash, it’s not like that.

      • See where Amazon has a 63 CD set of Johnny’s albums for $219.99. Must have nearly every song he ever sang. If there are only 10 songs on an album that is 630 songs, but I am sure he had some with 16-20 songs.

      • Probably a lot of outtakes, live versions, etc.

      • Johnny Cash fans would like to hear the outtakes and live versions, but that is a huge amount of money. Albums sold separately would probably be close to a $1,000 for the whole lot.

      • Some of the fans may have been collecting all along so it’s not like they put out a huge sum of money in one shot. Reminds me of a funny story. I was always very much into music, but as a teen only got a $5 week allowance for school lunch, but I’d forfeit lunches at school to buy an album a week.

        There was a girl I was friends with, her dad was a doctor so she’d buy all the albums from whoever was the greatest in whatever phase she was going through.

        One of my other friends commented that she could get whatever she wanted, but when I bought an album it “meant” something. I still feel that way 🙂

      • Maryanne, Know what you mean by albums meaning something. I have bought most of my record collection, by buying used CD’s from Amazon and eBay used albums sellers. I have bought a lot of albums from for about $1-$4 before shipping. It would have been nice to buy new albums, but have never had a problem with buying used albums, with no problems with scratches.

      • Yes! There’s so much music out there I can always find something in the cheap bin and I never have problems either. I do splurge on new stuff, but it’s more fun trying to find something that costs less. I can spend hours in a record store.

      • Maryanne, Loved going through the 25 vinyl record albums at a bookstore in Knoxville. There were so many bins of 25 cent records that it took a good part of an hour to go through them all. My only problem was that there were very few country and western record albums, while there a plethora of Johnny Mathis record albums in the bins. Have found some good deals at garage sales on record albums.

  3. i saw him on columbo a few weeks ago.

  4. LOL – I would always throw in some johnny Cash when I would DJ too. SOmetimes it is fun to throw in something random to surprise the audience.

    • So cool!!! In Japan, right? Yeah, I loved to surprise the audience too. I loved the power of getting people both on and OFF the dance floor. Ha-ha! P.S. — Check your email, I just wrote you a long-winded story about what we were talking about the other day in regard to people ruining songs 🙂

  5. He was certainly an amazing man! 😀

  6. I Love Johnny Cash. His songs are timeless.

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