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Happy Birthday Les McKeown

LesLes McKeown

Happy 59th to the lead singer, during the most successful time of The Bay City Rollers in the 1970s. Currently they seem to still be going strong with Les leading the band again.

Check it out:

The Rollers are one band I didn’t get to see live, though I did meet them when they were recording an album in New Jersey, back around 1981, though Les wasn’t in the band during that time.

Here are some hit songs from their early years, with Les on lead vocal:

Happy Birthday Eric Faulkner!


Like most young girls in the 1970s, I was a Bay City Rollers fan, from ages 12 to 13, until I started getting into harder rock, like KISS and Aerosmith.

Interesting story, when I was 17, well into punk rock by then, I had the opportunity to meet The Bay City Rollers when they were recording in New Jersey.

I don’t know how she did it, but a friend of mine found out where they were staying and got invited to the mansion, which looked like a castle. It was unbelievable — hanging out with The Rollers!

The entire mansion was filled with adoring young ladies, and one guy who was their roadie.

They were all there: Eric, Derek, Woody, Duncan and Alan.

Woody looked just like a cartoon character, it was so surreal. His accent was so heavy I couldn’t understand what he was saying. They were all so nice, but my favorite by far was Eric — he just had the best personality.  All night long he was calling me “Punkette” because I was wearing a leather jacket with a Billy Idol button on it.

Eric was a lot of fun and definitely one of the coolest rock stars I ever met.

Here’s some recent footage of him, he’s still a cutie!

Eric Faulkner


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