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Happy Birthday Rick Nielsen, Cheap Trick

Rick_NielsenRick Nielson (photo swiped from Google Search)

Happy Birthday to Rick Nielson of Cheap Trick who turns 66 today!

I always loved Cheap Trick and was thrilled that I got to see them a few times, and have a great Cheap Trick story to tell!

The last time I saw them was at a night club in New Jersey in the 1990s. I was a lot younger, single and wearing an incredibly sexy purple rubber dress (any girl knows that rubber dresses really do justice to your figure!) In fact, when I went to the bathroom, another woman approached my date and asked him where I got my dress.

I was right in front of the stage and never realized how sexy Rick Nielson was until I saw him that close up. This particular night he had a super long goatee, braided, with a price tag on it! Weird, but sexy in a “who the fuck cares” sort of way.

Rick started throwing his guitar picks into the audience and then spotted me and tried to throw a pick down my cleavage. Needless to say, he succeeded and I still have that pick!

Here is one of my favorite Cheap Trick songs, the Christmas version:

Come On Christmas

Hounds of Winter on Reverb

Hounds of WinterHounds of Winter cover by Darlene Foster (l-r: Tom Corea, Tom DiPaolo)

Yesterday I posted some songs from Hounds of Winter (which features my husband Dennis Mistretta on several bass tracks).

Here is the official link to all the songs and videos and a free download on Reverb Nation: HOUNDS OF WINTER

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