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Warm Winds Caress Her, Her Lover It Seems …


Last night I watched a Heart concert from 2007. They played live, the entire “Dreamboat Annie” album. This was a treat that made me absolutely ecstatic. I haven’t heard some of these songs since I was 13.

The album was released on Valentine’s Day in 1976. If I remember correctly, I got “Little Queen” first and then went backwards.

The FM hits from “Dreamboat Annie” were “Crazy on You” and “Magic Man.”

Here’s the 40-minute album in it’s entirety, enjoy:

And here is “Crazy on You” from the live “Dreamboat Annie” concert from 2007

If you get a chance to view the concert in it’s entirety, do so. For encores they did songs by Led Zeppelin (“Misty Mountain Hop” and “Black Dog”) and “Love Reign on Me” by The Who. It was all off the hook, but hey, I really wanted to hear more Heart songs! I was secretly hoping for “Barracuda” (from “Little Queen”) or anything else Heart!



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