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Merry Christmas From Maryanne’s Jukebox

Maryanne Christiano-Mistretta (photo by Darlene Foster)

Photo of me by Darlene Foster

Last week before Christmas, I posted a bunch of songs meant for this Jukebox blog page, but accidentally posted it on my regular blog.

So if you’re not burnt on holiday music yet, please enjoy:

O Holy Night

Oh Holy Night

I remember the first time I heard O Holy Night as a little girl, on the Sonny & Cher Christmas special and it became one of my favorite Christmas songs. (And there are oh so many!)

I always love the dramatic “FALL ON YOUR KNEES” climax — I get such chills and tears fall from my eyes; a feeling shared with millions, I’m sure.

Here is Cher’s version:


And here are some other amazing versions of the song:

Lou Christie

Transiberian Orchestra

Mahalia Jackson

Johnny Mathis

Brian Setzer Orchestra

Christmas Wrapping

Christmas wrapping

Another one of my FAVORITE Christmas songs is Christmas Wrapping by The Waitresses.

I remember the first time I heard it was in a nightclub called Aldo’s in New Jersey. It was the last song played and then the lights went on. Everyone was in a festive mood and some of us were still singing, “Merry Christmas, Merry Christmas” long after the lights went on and the music (and drinks) stopped.

Hooray for the Waitresses for creating some stellar Christmas magic for us new wave fans on the onset of rap music in 1981, hence the clever name “Christmas Wrapping” (rapping).


Christmas Wrapping

The WaitressesThe Waitresses

Where is Santa Claus?

Santa Claus

Here’s one of my favorite Christmas songs, an oldie from 1958 (before I was born, but I remember hearing it as a kid on the radio when I was very little in the mid-1960s):

Last Christmas season, I found this adorable toy in a Walmart and my husband got it for me! So many people have posted the toy on You Tube and here is just one of them:

Welcome Christmas

Welcome Christmas

The version of “Welcome Christmas” by Love Spirals Downwards is one of the most gorgeous Christmas songs ever!


The Winter Song

Photo by Dennis Mistretta

It’s like a winter wonderland here in Union County, New Jersey! The above photo was taken by my husband. I love this chubby squirrel! It was nice having the afternoon alone together with the kitties, watching the snow fall. It’s wonderful how the snow slows everything down and makes it so peaceful and snuggly.

So, I am inspired to post a beautiful winter song by Angel that I loved since it came out in the 1970s.


And if that wasn’t pretty enough for you, here’s the Christmas version of the same song.  My sister, Kim, loves this song. My great grandmother used to love this song too. It has to be one of the BEST Christmas songs ever recorded!


Christmas Bride

Last year I got married a little over a month before Christmas, to the love of my life! And I just heard this song, “Christmas Bride” by Ray Conniff,  for the very first time, this Christmas season.

It’s the most beautiful song and even though sometimes Christmas spirits wear off way too soon (not to mention those that won’t even say “Merry Christmas” because it’s not their holiday!)  I can listen to this song and know, in my heart, that someone special loves me and adores me, and always has Christmas in his heart ❤


Our Wedding Photo, we married, 11/9/11 (Photo by Darlene Foster)

Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer

On this day, in 1949, Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer, sung by Gene Autry, hit the charts!

Here is his version:

Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer

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