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Happy Birthday Joe Walsh, and a Shout Out to His Brother Mark Walsh

Joe Walsh

Happy Birthday to Joe Walsh, musician/songwriter known for his work in James Gang, Eagles and solo efforts and noted by Rolling Stone magazine as one of the greatest guitarists of all time.

I’m proud to note that in his early years Joe Walsh lived in my former hometown of Montclair, New Jersey for awhile and attended Montclair High School.

Here’s Joe Walsh performing with James Gang in 1970:

Walk Away

And while we’re on the topic of Joe Walsh, I want to give a shout out to his brother, Mark Walsh who is also a super talented musician, living in New Jersey:

Mark Walsh

Which brings me to one of my favorite musical memories …

Several years ago, I believe it was New Year’s Eve 2007 or 2008, Mark Walsh had performed at First Night in Montclair. Prior to the show I interviewed Mark Walsh for The Montclair Times.

So on New Year’s Eve, I had the opportunity to cover the Fab Faux show at a church called Outpost in the Burbs. I was hanging out with my husband (then boyfriend) Dennis and our friend Vinnie. We had front row for all three shows and then got to hang out backstage.

After the show it was very late, after midnight. Fireworks were going off, friends were calling me on my cell and it was just a happy, magical night.

We all went into a  restaurant on Church Street for a bite to eat and Mark Walsh was there playing piano, upstairs in a more intimate setting, away from the crowd. He remembered me from the interview. When he took a break and had a bite to eat, he left his band mates to sit and dine with me, Dennis and Vinnie.

Truly a night to remember! Mark Walsh is a super cool guy and plays piano beautifully. An act not to be missed!


Peter Lemongello – Love ’76


I vaguely remember him and the 1976 commercial that took this former cabaret singer to new heights in his career. The kitschy commercial helped him become the first person to sell over a million records via television marketing.

Peter Lemongello went on to perform at Carnegie Hall and Madison Square Garden.

I found his website: and see that time was very good to this man, he looks great! He is still performing in Florida, where he resides.

I also found his Twitter account, but see that he hasn’t updated since 2009. Shame I didn’t realize he performed at Trumpets, in Montclair, New Jersey in 2009. I would have went. As a reporter I covered quite a few acts that performed at Trumpets.

According to Wikipedia, what Lemongello accomplished is still being studied at college marketing courses and in advertising agencies.


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