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Happy Birthday Wendy O. Williams

Wendy O. Williams long hairWendy O. Williams (photo swiped from Google)

Happy Birthday Wendy O.! Rocking my world since I first discovered The Plasmatics as a teenager in 1980! I love this picture because it shows a softer side of Wendy. She was always so nice to us kids, so this is how I remember her.  R.I.P. = Rest in Punk! Truly an original. Never again will the world be blessed with such greatness!

Help get the original Plasmatics into the Long Island Hall of Fame:

For more Plasmatics purchase my book “On the Guest List: Adventures of a Music Journalist.” It has a few Plasmatics stories and was endorsed by Stu Deutsch, original Plasmatics drummer:


GG Allin, Dead 20 Years Today

gg-allin1One of the more respectable photos found via Google Search

Twenty years ago today the music world lost a very disturbed individual, GG Allin. He died of an accidental heroin overdose at the age of 36.

GG’s musical career was off to a promising start, temporarily managed by Dead Boys producer Genya Raven and later went off the deep end with his hard core punk shock rock act defecating on stage (he’d take laxatives before his performances).

Here’s an example of his onstage antics:

GG Allin “Bite It You Scum”

I actually like the high energy music, but not the hatred behind it. It’s probably best that GG rest in peace as he could now be out of his misery.

Here’s a  interview:

GG Allin interview

I don’t know much about him because I wasn’t a fan or a follower. But I do remember seeing the following Jane Whitney video when it aired in 1993, filmed shortly before his death. He always reminded me of a punk rock Charlie Manson.

GG Allin on Jane Whitney

According to Wikipedia: At his funeral, Allin’s bloated, discolored corpse was dressed in his black leather jacket and trademark jock strap. He had a bottle of Jim Beam beside him in his casket, per his wishes (openly stated in his self-penned acoustic country ballad, “When I Die”). As part of his brother’s request, the mortician was instructed not to wash the corpse (which smelled strongly of feces), or apply any makeup. Allin’s funeral became a low level party. Friends posed with his corpse, placing drugs and whiskey into his mouth. As the funeral ended, his brother put a pair of headphones on Allin. The headphones were plugged into a portable cassette player, in which was loaded a copy of The Suicide Sessions. Allin was buried in his mother Arleta’s plot beside his grandparents.

And: GG Allin’s grave is frequently vandalized with urine, cigarette butts, feces and alcohol by fans, an act that is greatly discouraged by GG’s mother Arleta.His tombstone has since been removed because of this.

Here’s some video footage of his funeral (note the man with the brown hat and bizarre mustache is GG’s brother): GG Allin funeral

Parquet Courts

parquet courts

I just heard this band today on Sirius and I’m excited!

This song, “Stoned and Starving” has a very yesteryear authenticity, reminding me of early Modern Lovers.

Check it out:

Parquet Courts – “Stoned and Starving”

Can’t pinpoint exactly which Modern Lovers song it reminds me of though.

Maybe this one?

Modern Lovers – The Old World

Or maybe another. I’ll figure it out, I always do.

Happy Birthday Johnny Lydon (aka Rotten)

Johnny RottenJohnny Rotten (photo swiped from Google)

Happy Birthday to Johnny Lydon!

I never saw the Sex Pistols, but I did see his other band, Public Image Limited.

And I was lucky enough to meet Johnny Lydon, back in the day.

I told this story many times and it’s a very cool story because it was so unexpected.

Christmas Day Night (always something magical about that time, so a few years ago I started hosting parties on that night), 1981, I went with a few friends to see Johnny Thunders perform at the Peppermint Lounge in NYC.

After the show, one of our friends was missing — the guy who drove us in, Steve Miller (from punk band Electric Frankenstein).

Not knowing where to look, we decided it was best to just go back to the car and wait for him.

As we were walking back to the car, we noticed Steve was there and talking to someone. “Who’s that dude?” We all wondered.

As we got closer, one of the guys said, “Holy shit, it’s Lydon!”

I was so young, just turned 18, so I was a nervous teenager about to meet an icon. When we got to the car, I nearly froze.

Johnny Lydon said hello to me first. I just so happened to be wearing a button with his picture on it on my jacket with his famous saying, “Lydon Not Rotten.” I showed him the button.

“God, I’m ugly!” he said.

“No you’re not, you’re cute.”

My friend gave him a lift. And he was so great, talking to a car full of teenagers, answering questions about the Sex Pistols and being so respectful to all of us. I asked him for his autograph but he didn’t feel worthy of giving one. He said, “Here, have a beer instead” and handed me a beer.

When he got out, he wished everyone “Peace and good will.”

What a great person to be so nice to all us youngsters who admired him!

Here is Johnny Lydon’s famous “American Bandstand” appearance where he purposely stopped lip synching and just let the record play. Gotta love the dude! The two songs, “Poptones” and “Careering” are my favorite songs from his band Public Image Limited:

Public Image Limited was so avant garde, nothing like The Sex Pistols punk songs. So buying a Public Image album was a shock, but I loved them just as much, if not more than The Sex Pistols

In addition to the “American Bandstand” stunt, when Public Image Limited performed at the Ritz in NYC, they played behind a screen, causing an uproar with the fans.

And here is the famous “Nevermind the Bollocks, Here’s the Sex Pistols” album in its entirety with Johnny Rotten on vocals (I record I got in the $3.99 bin when I was a teen).

Happy Birthday Stiv Bators (RIP)!

Stiv Bators is one of my favorite talents ever. Every band he was ever in was gold: The Dead Boys, The Wanderers, Lords of the New Church, and let’s not forget all his solo stuff.

There’s just too many goodies to choose from, but here’s a few of my favorites:


It’s Cold Outside



Russian Roulette







Happy Birthday Paul Cook

Silly Thing, one of my favorite songs by Paul Cook & Steve Jones:

Silly Thing

Paul Cook is most famous for being a drummer for the Sex Pistols. But he’s been in other great bands too, The Professionals, Chequered Past and the Neurotic Outsiders — all good stuff! Anything the Paul Cook/Steve Jones team has done together is amazing.

Around 1980, I had the opportunity to meet Paul Cook. Well, it wasn’t exactly an “opportunity” — it’s just something that happened. As I mentioned many times before, in the “olden” days, all-ages shows were non-existent. I had followed The Professionals all over NYC when I was 17, going to see so many shows that their bassist recognized me and waved to me from the stage, as I always had a spot right in the front of the stage.. But I couldn’t get into any New Jersey nightclubs because the drinking age was 18 and New Jersey was a lot more strict than NYC (at least back in those days).

So, when they performed at Hitsville, in Passaic, New Jersey, I got the bright idea that if I couldn’t see The Professionals, I would MEET THE PROFESSIONALS!

My sister and I waited outside the back door of Hitsville. She was 14.

We somehow became friends with two of the doormen who worked there. As a station wagon pulled up into the Hitsville parking lot, the doorman said to me, “Maryanne, I’d follow that station wagon if I were you.”

Sure enough, I saw Paul Cook’s animated face looking out the window — and I was thrilled! I was about to meet two of the Sex Pistols!

The entire band was very nice to me and my little sister. And they were so funny.

When I was looking in my purse for a pen for the autographs, I found mascara that said “Professional” on it. I showed it to Steve Jones and he was joking around, trying to write with the mascara.

They signed my Professionals single and Steve Jones even tried to get his manager to get us into the show (but the manager ignored him, which was probably smart because we were underage).

The Professionals hung out with us for some time before they went in to do their show. Very cool guys, indeed! I give any musicians a ton of credit who could be so respectful to teenage girls.

Happy Birthday, Paul Cook — a Sex Pistol who once made two teenage girls very happy!

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