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RIP Pepe Marchello, of The Good Rats

Good RatsThe Good Rats

RIP to Pepe Marchello, of The Good Rats (from Long Island) who died a few days ago of a heart attack at his home. He was 68.

The Good Rats were one of my first concerts. I saw them in a shopping mall (Willowbrook, Wayne, New Jersey) at age 13 or 14.

They were a lot of fun and tossed rubber rats into the audience. I regret that it was the only time I got to see them.

Pepe will be missed!

Just Found Me a Lady

Fireball Express

The Truth is Gone

Peppi Marchello - Good RatsPepe

The Good Rats album coverI LOVE this album cover!

Hounds of Winter on Reverb

Hounds of WinterHounds of Winter cover by Darlene Foster (l-r: Tom Corea, Tom DiPaolo)

Yesterday I posted some songs from Hounds of Winter (which features my husband Dennis Mistretta on several bass tracks).

Here is the official link to all the songs and videos and a free download on Reverb Nation: HOUNDS OF WINTER

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